The Amazing Spider-man: Preview

I’ll start this article by coming clean…. I am a massive Spider-man fan, I grew up in the 90’s with all the symbiotes and of course the quite frankly crazy clone saga. With that in mind I was thrilled to finally see my hero on the big screen. The first two films ticked all the boxes for me, and I feel if Raimi had the chance to make a fourth then he could have made up for the mess that was Spider-Man III.

I was a bit annoyed when they decided to reboot the series and that turned to anger when I saw they had slashed the budgets in two. You can’t do Spider-Man on the cheap!! Up until now I have stayed away from the hype and trailers. To be honest I took one look at the  redesigned suit and wrote this film off (its shite!!). Watching the trailer below I decided I am willing to give this a fair shot.

What’s Right with it.

  • Spider-Man feels like he should. He cracks wise, plays the joker, is acrobatic and sarcastic (most of this is missing in Tobey Maguire’s version)
  • Mechanical Web-shooters. Not sure about the design of them (they look like they are designed to sell toys) but I welcome their inclusion
  • New York. As always it looks wonderful but this version feels sleeker than Raimi’s art deco version

What’s wrong with it 

  • Peter Parker. I feel this may be a symptom of the youth today but emo Parker is not in the least bit interesting to me emo’s are not geek’s. Parker is a geek
  • The Lizard. I’m sorry everything about this is wrong Rhys Ifans, the CGI Lizard which doesn’t have a snout.
  • Peters Parents. Unnecessary conspiracy over a relatively uninteresting part of the marvel universe.there are better sub plots they could have went with

All in all there is enough there to get me interested but see for yourself. Sound off in the comments


2 responses to “The Amazing Spider-man: Preview

  1. I completely agree with what you said. But what still bothers me from what we can see in the trailer is the CGI as a whole, not just the lizard. What’s your opinion of the CGI on the bridge scene, especially the stretch limo and the SUV on fire?

    • I think the lack of the Budget will be troublesome. Marc Webb is another unknown. This type of big budget action film will be difficult for a relative amateur. On the whole I’m still unsure my favourite property is in safe hands. It feels like a cynical exercise in Sony keeping the property rights.

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