The Day the Villains won – Champions League Final 2012

This Year has been the Empire Strikes back of Football seasons. Racist and general buck toothed bastard Luis Suarez managed to win the littlest of trophies in the Carling Cup alongside his now redundant hero King Kenny. City won the league in the most dramatic of fashions delivering a last minute body blow to Manchester United. To complete the Devils trinity Chelsea played anti football and won the top trophy in domestic football pulling off a trophy double despite the most average of seasons. 

Last nights game was poor until the last 15 mins of normal time. Wave upon wave of German attack crashed against the robust Bus parked on the goal line, I think that same bus may have been used for Chelsea’s parade today! Penaltys seemed destined when Robben missed a gifted penalty in the 1st half of extra time. The script was written for the most unfortunate of endings, Bastian Schweinsteiger missed Bayern’s fifth pen with the limpest of efforts. Such a shame given how immense he was throughout the game. Step up Dider Drogba for what is widely reported the last kick of his Chelsea career. There was no doubt in my mind it would ripple the net and it proved to be true.

No harm to Chelsea, they have never been my favourite team but they worked hard and won it on a lottery. The eleven players on the pitch did their best and deserved to enjoy their success. Unfortunately one player didn’t have the dignity to let them have their moment in the sun. There is an old saying don’t bring a dick to the party there is always one already there. Come forth John Terry, in full Chelsea skip despite not having played a minute of the final. I just don’t know what Chelsea and England fans see in this wide boy alleged racist. Thank goodness for Gary Cahil and Boswinga who stepped in his way when the cup was presented so that he isnt in any of the photos.

I Prefer to think of him like this….

The world needs some hero’s and right now Football has never been more depressing to me. In 99 Paul Scholes and Roy Keane missed out on the final due to reaching a yellow card limit. The were ashamed to get medals and Keane had to be dragged to celebrate with the players. They wore suits the whole time and looked genuinely embarrassed to be included. Compare this to the Terry show last night and it really is cringe worthy. If Terry was wearing shin pads last night there really is nothing in the world left to laugh at.

Di Matteo will probably still not get the big job and quite frankly he probably shouldn’t. The players are still world class but they didn’t take kindly to Villas Boas stand offish style. Di Matteo seems to me like a yes man and unfortunately thats not what Chelsea need if they are to be successful in rebuilding this ageing side. My final thought is a devastated Villa Boas sobbing softly whilst wanking into a crusty sock, I still think he was the man for the job, he just didnt get the time….maybe Liverpool is a better option for him, we all know how loyal they are up there!


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