Never Walking alone, is it Healthy??

Another day another manager turns down one of the most successful European sides in history. Liverpool may not be the force to be reckoned with anymore but why are they continually publicly humiliated. I offer my thoughts below

  • A lack of quality applicants available. Guardiola is going nowhere this season despite speculation. He is taking a year out and I think he will stick to that despite what the papers may say.  De Boer has turned them down, I probably understand that given he has won the league and has a great youthful squad to play with next year. Brendan Rodgers turning you down though is a touch embarrassing despite how highly regarded he is. In days gone by a manager of his limited success would never get a look in at Liverpool and in a lot of ways reflects how far they have fallen in recent years . I think once they look at the applications in their inbox you will see 3rd rate managers like Matinez, Mick McCarthy etc. If they are lucky Villas Boas may be interested in a quick return to the premier league. The problem is will he be given the time to do the job he wanted to do at Chelsea.
  • A fanatical set of fans who historically are very loyal, sometimes to scary levels. As much as this is a plus, at times it can be a burden especially when their victim mode is enabled. When these guys turn on you they really turn.  Take one look at the abuse Evra received and you’ll get the picture. I am not defending Evra’s conduct throughout the process but no matter what did or didn’t happen there was no need to resort to some of the vile comments seen on twitter and the wider messaging boards.  Some people I know, who I would respect for their intelligence descended to this primal level as well, which really shocked me at the time.  I love passion in Football, I sometimes wish Old Trafford had a tenth of the passion Anfield had in some quarters. Its when that spills over into highlighting ignorance and racism thats when I have an issue. It is too common to receive death threats, interspersed with casual racism when LFC fans are involved ask Alan Davies.
  • The club needs a lot of work. We are talking overhaul of a lot of the team, and maybe even the style of play. I was at the game at Old Trafford earlier in the year and for large periods their system failed stop United dominating possession. Players like Kuyt, Carragher, and soon Gerrard will need replaced and there are no natural successors at the club. In a season were they lost as many games as they won with the worst record at Anfield for a generation something needs to be done to remove the rot. The lack of goals is a worry, a quality number 9 is a must in the summer but is history and tradition enough to attract the best??
  • Liverpool finished below Everton and despite winning the Carling cup they were overshadowed  in the league. This  in unacceptable considering the money spent in the summer buying the ‘best’ of young British talent. A manager like Moyes would do wonders with that cash but I doubt they could attract a manager of that quality at this moment.
  • When the Carling cup becomes a brilliant trophy to win you know you have struggled for quite a few years, just ask Wenger its his Everest
  • Idiots at the top. Some of these guys make Rick Parry look like Alan Sugar. At least in those days no manger had their contract terminated. They were instead invited to other positions or stepped down of their own accord. Liverpool never sacked managers, not anymore.

I personally would have stuck with Kenny for another season. He may have put Liverpool in a more favourable position before retiring to the adulation of the Anfield faithful. Instead he has been discarded by the American owners who don’t seem to have anyone in mind for the Job. With the race to sign the top talent already underway and the Euros likely to inflate prices can Liverpool make the improvements they need to have a better season.

I’ll be honest as a United fan I welcome a strong resurgent Liverpool. I think the games between both sides add a spice to the league that’s very hard to replicate. Both clubs need each other in a weird way, I look to the fixture list every year and that’s the match I look forward to most. So come on Liverpool sort it out get back to where you were in the Benitez years, I wonder what he’s doing these days??


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