Iron Man 3 Villain leaked???

Geeky Spoiler Alert

Pictures leaked from the Iron Man 3 set seem to Indicate that James Badge Dale’s Character is actually the Iron Patriot. His Character on IMDB had been confirmed as Eric Savin who in Comic Lore turns into Villain Cyborg, Coldblood. It had been widely assumed his story would follow suit and that story arc would translate to the screen but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Iron Patriot first appears during Marvels civil war. During the events of the “Dark Reign”, Normon Osborn created a new identity, the Iron Patriot (an amalgam of CaptainAmerica and Iron Man), to cement his standing as a hero. As the Iron Patriot, he utilized a version of Iron Man’s armor. The armor featured superhuman strength, and enhanced durability. This is an interesting Development as Norman Osborne is a product owned by Sony via Spider-Man and untouchable by Marvel. They have got around that by bring in one of his alter egos under a different character.

My fear with this leak is are we just going to get three tin men beating the crap out of each other….because that’s not a huge departure from what happened in Iron Man 1 & 2


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