New Tomb Raider trailer Released – E3 Special

I was really looking forward to playing the newest Tomb Raider later this year, but alas, it was delayed until early 2013. With E3 upon us we finally got a look at game-play footage of the latest reinvention of the franchise. Firstly this looks like one incredible game. Gone are the dinosaurs and the various mythical threats. In their place we have blood, gritty realism, bow & arrows, and is it just me or did things get a touch rapey in the final third of the trailer? Obviously Tomb Raider is the grandmother to 3D Platformers and in recent times has seen her star wane thanks to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series.

Where Naughty dog borrowed the best elements of Tomb Raider and refined them. Tomb Raider has come full circle and taken the elements that make Uncharted so strong and integrated it into their game. I think that’s no bad thing as an older gamer I remember the revelation Tomb Raider was back in the 90’s and I want it back at the top were it belongs. Our younger generation may see this as blatant plagiarism of Uncharted, but I suppose these are the same people who think Maddona’s latest output is an attempt to copy Lady Gaga (No Homo)!

This Trailer doesn’t pull any punches and shows just how dark this entry in the franchise wants to be. Don’t just take my word for it, watch the trailer!


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