Portugal Vs Czech Republic– Preview

Portugal Vs Czech Republic– Preview

A day without football hurt… I sat there on my comfy Leather sofa flicking through a range of crap TV longing for my daily doze of Euro Madness. Tonight we get our first taste of knockout football (a personal favourite of mine) and im predicting a good game.

Portugal have got to be the favourites in this match up with a rampant Ronaldo who tore the Dutch a new Aschole (Say it in a Dutch accent, rolls of the tongue). I would say many were surprised at how limp the Dutch team were but not I. (See my previous article here) The Dutch scalp I think has flattered Portugal and disguised a number of frailties that can, and will be exploited in this tournament. For that reason I envisage this to be a tighter affair, albeit one which I expect the Portuguese to get a result. Below are my reflections so far on Portugal.

1. Pepe

To this day I still don’t understand how this Brazillian born ‘Defender’ can command a position in La Liga Champions Real Madrid. He makes Sergio Busquets look like one of the 12 disciples with his attempt to use every single type of cheating to get his team over the line. If you watched any of the last few El Classico’s you will know what im talking about. His disciplinary record speaks for itself as well. Pepe received a 10-match ban during the 2008-09 season for kicking Getafe’s Francisco Casquero while he was on the ground. I am surprised this part of his game hasn’t featured more heavily for Portugal in this tournament but the longer they are here and the more intense the games get, it is only a matter of time before Pepe Stamps on someone’s face.

2. Solid yet unremarkable midfield

Portugal can boast some good engines in the centre of the park but players like Veloso and Mountinho and Meireles are unremarkable when compared to the Hero of Lisbon. Each one of the three mentioned can do a job but lack any real stand out skills to change a game if Portugal are losing. They also at times struggled to find Ronaldo in excellent attacking positions due during the last few games.

3. Fabio Concentrao

Such a fantastic forward thinking Left sided player… but definitely not a left back. He is suspect at defending at best and his marauding runs forward can leave the team exposed at the back. I can see the technical Czechs exploit this weakness tonight a few times which may limit the effectiveness of his runs. In a forward position though he is dangerous and this game of wits will be influential over the course of the 90 mins

Of course all of these weaknesses are overcome by another world beating performance from Ronaldo. In three games he has blown hot and cold huffing and puffing his way through the games, looking a bit annoyed not to be inMiamiliving it up with the Hiltons. AgainstHollandwe were reminded of the force we are dealing with and if that type of form continues the Czech Defence will be in for a difficult night.

My Prediction for the night is a 2-1Portugalwin in extra time


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