Cunningham Corner – Club Manchester United Needs a Bouncer

So day after day of a long pre-season, checking the transfer updates from Cave of Man’s own Northstandmouth (NSM) every day, am I the only one who is confused as to why Manchester United is always seen to be scouting attacking players?

I completely understand the media are probably those starting the rumours of Wesley-this or James Rodriguez-that but I have discussed this many many times with NSM from our seats in the Theatre of Dreams or the extra comfort of the sofa – Man United need an enforcer.

Although I have been saying this for the last 2 or 3 seasons, it was the oh-so-close 2011/12 season that for had made this very hard to argue against…….but why the hell would I argue with myself anyway…quiet you….do you mind I’m typing here!

Sorry you got caught in the middle of that internal struggle, ANYWAY for me the title was crucially lost in 2 matches with different reasons for PTMD (post-traumatic match disorder). Losing 3-2 at home to the eventually relegated Balckburn and the heart breaking 4-4 snatch of a draw from the jaws of victory once again at home to Everton. Although Everton have been a bit of a bogey team for us the last few years, conceding 2 late goals was gutting.

Even one point from those 2 matches and we would be celebrating a 20th league title and another season wondering “How the hell did we win the title with that team?!?” as it worked out for our record breaking 19th title season.

A few interesting names are being bandied about, some from not the most reputable sources include Fellaini, Javi Martinez and Strootman while watching Germany playing in the Euros has me wishing me could pry Khedira from Real but not a chance in hell i’m afraid. That was a reason I was looking forward to Pogba but another greedy (from secondary information so hear a lie, tell a lie) youngster leaving United leaving too early. While we are looking internally, I do see Tunnicliffe as a real gem for this position but not this coming season in my opinion.

Just think of how Chelsea won back-to-back titles by one effective non-marquee purchase of Mr Makelele and basically created a template for “Well we have 90 or so minutes to score since you have no chance of scoring against us.”

All in all I want a new policy for our club to get the party started again:

  • No Shoes
  • No Red Shirt
  • No Service

Thanks for reading the latest installment of Cunningham Corner in the LionShare Den #takepride

Proud resident of the Cave of Man #caveofman


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