12 Parsecs with McDoodils – Volume 1

DISCLAIMER: All views are that of Gepetto, can’t you see the strings?

Hey I’m the latest trog in the cave of man or troglodyte if you will.

[one man’s cave is another’s cantina]

Where do gungans store pickles? JarJars.

Kudos to NorthStandMouth for the excellent Star Wars analogy in my intro. For people who have read NorthStandMouth’s intro, you may have guessed that I am a massive Star Wars fan, if not I can in fact confirm that yes I am a gargantuan Star Wars Fan. I do from time to time dabble in trekkie space but my allegiances are firmly ensconced in Jedi territory [insert George Lucas rant here].

[What can be expected from my posts?] A buffet of opinionated geekness.  From Comic Books to Action Figures to Movies, Video Games and things I haven’t actually tried yet myself. Such as the often under looked and maligned “geek” past time board games, one in particular “Settlers of Catan” which looks awesome.  Insert sad face emoticon here because it’s 3-4 players. [Light Bulb] Possible Cave of Man board game night.  I only discovered this and several other board games through Wil Wheaton’s [yeah the JarJar Binks of the Star Trek universe] board game, game show [that’s a mouthful] called

“Table Top”. [http://tabletop.geekandsundry.com/ ]  Which is just one of many great show’s on Felicia Day’s youtube channel, Geek and Sundry. If you have remained oblivious to Felicia Day and her many online exploits….where have you been? She is well known for “The Guild” which she writes and stars in and has an recurring role on Sci-Fi’s [I refuse to acknowledge the new spelling, set phasers to DUM, right?] “A Town Called Eureka” where she plays Dr Holly Marten.  When asked about Felicia Day I simply say “she is the She-Ra equivalent of online geekdom and you should stand still while I snort in derision for your ignorance” [crush alert].

Summing up I’ll be hurling my opinions at you virtually. Enjoy and if you can’t enjoy…………..DUCK!!

Remember “I ain’t Steve Guttenberg and this ain’t Cocoon”.


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