12 Parsecs with McDoodils – SAGA chapter 1 [Review]


Firstly I have to thank Joey Esposito [IGN’s Comic Editor] for bringing this beautifully crafted and utterly original comic to my intention.  Granted SAGA #1 has been out for quite a while, I just had to get a review up. For some time now I have been yearning for something different, spacey and a little less capey from a comic book [I’m assuming people will get what I mean when I say capey]. Well I’m glad to say I’ve got my wish.

Everyone has various needs they want met from the comic book’s they buy.  For me I am quite superficial when it comes to selecting comic books.  Perfect example being that I am yet to read “The Watchmen” because the artwork hurts my eyes, don’t get me wrong I adore the movie and just love Rorshach. [Has the great Alan Moore created a more intriguing character than Rorshach?] I can hear all the comic book readers clicking away at their keyboards in simultaneous abbreviated madness “WTF”. Look if you are buying a car, you are going to select the nicest looking one.  Granted with more investigation the less attractive car might be more reliable or better in a technical sense but my point is you’re instantly attracted to the one that is more pleasing to the eye.

The Good

[Enough Waffling, onto the review] If I had to pick an adjective that describes this comic, just one, it would be beautiful. It’s simply beautiful to look at throughout. Fiona Staples art is like nothing I have seen before, the soft colours just enhance each panel.  One as pleasing to the eye as the next.  The full page artwork again is just jaw dropping [Is there an emoticon for jaw dropping?]. Staples has been able to avoid making the various species generic, which is essential if SAGA is to survive [Which it will if they can keep this up].

Right from the first page, I was constantly asking myself “What in the kobayashi maru is coming next?”  From birthing scenes, decapitations, robot sex [No need to rub your eyes you read correctly] this comic book has it all. The main protagonists are Alana and Marko who are aliens from two different races. As we progress through #1 we are introduced to more players who are bound to cause trouble for the couple. Events are set during a war between the two alien races. We are only made aware of the bare bones of what has been happening between the two warring races.

The Bad

Honestly I am going to find this section of the review quite hard to fill. One thing that I don’t like is the robots, more accurately their heads.  They have fecking Tv’s as heads.  Sure I get it’s a cool way for Fiona to show how the robots are feeling with images on the screen and all BUT they just look silly.

With a mix of sci-fi, action, mystery, romance and suspense, there will be something for everyone.


“Am I shitting? It feels like I’m shitting!


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