The Dark Knight Rises – Plot Holes

I love The Dark Knight rises, it was a fantastic end to a brilliant series of films, but it is not without its problems. The story telling this time seemed a touch lazier than normal and there are numerous plot holes and unexplainable events. These holes didn’t stop me giving the film a 9/10 (see my review here) so before you think about flogging me have a read and let me know what you think

 Below is my take on the five stupidest plot holes in the move its safe to say this is very spoiler driven so don’t read unless you have had the pleasure to see the movie

Character continuously deceiving the world’s greatest detective.
The last time Bruce took a lax a daisy approach to party security Ra’s Al Ghul and a host of goons crashed his Birthday party and burned down his house nearly killing him. I would have thought a tighter security policy would have been implemented for all Wayne manor events going forward. Firstly we have Selina Kyle who presumably has adopted an alias for her shift as manor maid and then we have the daughter of his nemesis to become CEO of his company. I would have thought Batman wouldn’t have been so easily duped. Speaking of which, if Anne Hathaway’s Selina is easily able to adopt fake identities and hack super encrypted passwords (like the one on Wayne’s expensive safe) why does she need the Clean Slate program so badly? I mean, it’s probably the worst plot device in the Nolan Batman trilogy.

Why Wouldn’t the Stock Exchange Just Overturn Bane’s Fraudulent Trades 
I mean, it’s pretty clear that they were done under duress right? I mean what the hell did they think Bane was doing there? Does nobody interview witnesses in Gotham. I may be missing something here but that seems crazy.

When and how did Bane find out about Batman’s identity and his armoury of weapons
When Bane and Batman first meet, Bane knows his true identity. He likely learned this from Talia Al Ghul, his boss, who likely learned it from Ra’s Al Ghul, her father. But the timeline doesn’t quite fit. Ra’s only found out Wayne was Batman late on in Batman begins, when and more importantly why would he ring his Daughter and tell her about it. Something doesn’t quite fit here.

And even if that’s how it went down, it doesn’t explain how she or Bane knew about the existence of the Applied Sciences wing of Wayne Enterprises, that it was Batman’s armoury and its specific location in the building. Yet they do because Bane was building his hideout right below it. Even if the aforementioned identity leak was possible, Lucius Fox himself said Applied Sciences was “completely off the books.” Only two characters had the information and the only other person who could guess it existed would be mister Reece the accountant from The Dark Knight, and I’m pretty sure he learned his lesson.

Why does a prison exist where people can possibly climb to freedom, and why would there be a series of ropes to throw down to the rest of the inmates. Who designed this prison? 

Also, what the hell is the deal with this prison? Who runs it? Are there guards? Did Bane just put him in the prison without the warden and guards knowing? Do they just accept anyone who gets thrown into the pit? As with many elements of this film, the prison is more of an idea than an actual place that makes sense

How Does Bruce Wayne Get Back to Gotham after escaping the prison?
How does Bruce Wayne travel back to Gotham in a matter of days with absolutely no resources what-so-ever? Not only is he bankrupt, but Alfred has disappeared, he has no identification of any kind which includes the necessary passports to get back into the United States. Even if he somehow gets through customs with no delay, all the entrances to Gotham City are being guarded by Bane’s thugs or blown up completely. The Bat is stuck on a roof of the building where Wayne left it, so he doesn’t have access to his new flying machine. And when Bruce Wayne gets back, how does he know exactly how much time is left on the bomb and where Selina Kyle will be?


5 responses to “The Dark Knight Rises – Plot Holes

  1. Regarding Bane knowing who Batman is, I believe Ra’s Al Ghul knows before we see him in the second part of Batman Begins. When Ra’s attack’s Wayne Manor he knows who Bruce really is, so we can assume he found out. I would image it would be easy for him to guess knowing Bruce as he did. Check out the IO9 article about sequels.

    • Good call there I suppose the i09 article was cool talking sequels I like a batman beyond type vibe could be cool to have a fresh new character to explore with the cape and cowl

      • LOL I would like to point out I made left this comment before I read the IO9 article which makes me cool.

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