Meet Our Team

The Cave of Man is a concept born from the Genius mind of the Mythical Northstandmouth. If he wanted to go to one site which covered Sport, TV, Film, Comics and general Geekery he found there was absolutely none available. The term geek is being redefined and the traditional concept of SciFi and football catering to two separate markets is rapidly being proved to be outdated.

The call of the wild was also answered by four additional Visonaries who have joined forces to produce the most ridiculously awesome super team this side of Metropolis. They are

Cunningham – Our Entertainment expert or ‘The Jaw’ to his mates will be covering the latest in Games, TV, and Cinema. His witty and light approach will be like reading the words of a thousand virgins sweetly coveting your manly meat. The Lando to this Rebel Alliance

Stevo – This man answered the call for a loud mouthed often controversial look at the re-invigorated world of the comic book.  His words are like the Horn of Gondor, blasting torpedoes of truth right into your ear cannals. Be warned large doses of this kind of Alpha male can produce feelings of attraction. The Hulk to this Super Team

GopherX – Exiled to a barren wasteland for a crime he didnt commit, this silent assassin seems unable to live out his days in peace. With danger around every turn our man in the field will be putting together the best in Asian Cinema, including Anime. In addition he will passing along nuggets of truth like a wise sensei about his travels in exotic worlds.  Combining a cut throat efficiency with words and an unbelievable capacity to absorb Alcohol his entries will guarantee to entertain. The Master Chief to our UNSC

McDoodils – You need some humour in your life, this man heard your call. Cutting through the crap like a cool Darth Maul our man will be doing his best to leave a chuckle on your face. Covering everything from comics to games McDoodles is the R2D2 to our CP3O

Northstandmouth – Leader, Benefactor, Visionary, Captain of Awesome? None of these words have the scale to define a Man this Legendary. Covering Sport, Movies and TV with a combination of passion wit and charm. The Mal Reynolds to this rag tag group of mercenaries.


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